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Potato Chips Plant

Our satisfaction concerning our business is directly proportionate to that of our customer’s regarding our machines. Due to this strategy we have won the trust of our customers in addition to that obtained the frequent orders for our potato chips plant machineries from the ready to eat snacks making companies across the nation. Our supreme quality potato chips plant machinery are manufactured by us as per the designs created by our experts who design them with an intention of offering high productivity with excellent speed & low production cost. They also make certain that their designs support user-friendliness. These machines are made in adherence to the industrial standards and have high quality performance, require minimal maintenance and offer power-efficiency as well. Every machine manufactured by us is prudently inspected by our quality assessment team.

We are the top Potato Chips Plant Manufacturer of India. We engineer these highly efficient potato chips plant machineries as per the designs created by our specialists. These are the perfect combination of the cutting-edge technology as well as computer simulation programs. These are manufactured competently under the management of our professionals in a very qualitative manner. These are absolutely reliable and consume fuel efficiently. This machine takes up less time, saves labor costs, enhances productivity and takes in less oil.

Specific Features:

  • Better Oil Management
  • Low Conversion Cost
  • Better quality of chips
  • Reduced deterioration of edible oil

Potato chips plant/French fries plant – its fast food’s edge today. You will see everywhere the impact of fast and light foodstuff. Big population is very good support for takeout sector in India. Potato Wafer is very beneficial business for low budget plant. Potato chips plant is favorite take out to get Indians. Indian like incredibly much salty wafer/chips. All process of making potato wafer/chips is done by machine. Most of company makes different type of potato chips plant life for Indian consumers. Almost all companies are going into earnings. Good thing for this kind of plant is availability of potato is everywhere in India.

Our food ranking system qualified potatoes as a very good source of vitamin B6 and a good source of potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, and pantothenic acid. Our crispy and tasty Potato Chips are offered at economical prices to our clients. This Indian snack is offered in attractive packages to our clients. Our product range is known for its delectable flavor. Hygienically prepared by deep frying unripe bananas in coconut oil.  Seasoned with various spices.

How To Make Potato Chips:

★ The First stage before processing potato chips is washing, peeling the raw potatoes and then cutting them into slices.

★ Next is the processing stage, it includes potato chips blanching, dewatering, frying and de-oiling. After these steps, the potato chips will be easier to store up and taste better.

★ Flavouring and packaging: Flavouring and packaging is the last stage, you can season the potato chips with different flavours, and packaged them into bags automatically.

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