Continuous Potato Chips Production Line

Chips Production Line

We being leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Continuous Potato Chips Production Line. These offered potato chips production line is a continuous and automatic machine which is easy to operate. Moreover the offered equipments of the Continuous Potato Chips Production Line are made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and meets the hygienic standards. The Continuous Potato Chips Production Line uses fresh potatoes as raw materials, the whole process of washing, peeling, slicing, washing, de-watering, frying, seasoning and other steps to make delicious potato chips, and to be one of the most popular Food Processing Company in the world. Further if you’re looking for more information about the Potato Chips Production Line then kindly contact us. Our esteemed clients can avail the Potato Chips Line at the most afforded price.

Process of Continuous Potato Chips Production Line

  • Washing : The first stage of Potato Chips Line is washing to remove the impurities such as stones and soil adhering to the surface of the potato.
  • Peeling : The second stage of chips production line is peeling and the peeling effect is accomplished by rubbing with a carborundum roller, and then the remains is brushed off with a brush wheel.
  • Slicing : The third stage in the production line is slicing potatoes according to the required sizes. With the set principle of centrifugation in the machine, the potatoes are sliced as per the required thickness quickly and accurately.
  • Starch Washing : The fourth stage in the production line is of starch washing where the water can be recycled and the export is transported with water and sprayed again to improve the quality of the potato chips.
  • Frying : Further the potato chips are fried at a stable oil temperature and evenly presented in golden yellow color. The continuous fryer is equipped with PLC touch operation.
  • Seasoning : Seasoning is the optional process, the seasoning powder is sent to the seasoning drum by a screw device and the potato chips are uniformly mixed with the seasoning powder by the rotation of the seasoning drum to increase the flavor of the product.

Features of Continuous Potato Chips Production Line

  • Available for potato in various sizes
  • Easy operating and cleaning
  • Washing and Peeling at the same time
  • Thickness can be freely adjusted
  • Whole cutting procedure with no broken chips
  • Water temperature is automatically controlled
  • We offer different capacity for your potato chips line.
  • Low broken rate in seasoning process
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